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Tomorrow War: game description
  Tomorrow War  


The Story

In summer 2004 the biggest Russian software producer 1C (Moscow) and the CrioLand company (Novosybirsk) started to create the computer game "Tomorrow War". The story of the game is based on a trilogy of Alexander Zorich with the same name.

So "Tomorrow War" game is a cosmic simulator with a strong story-line, all the events of game happen in far future, to be exact, in 27th century. Together with Andrew Rumyancev, cadet of Northern Military Aerospace Academy, gamers will go through all the cobwebs of the books topics, including the bloody battle near Naotar planet and the war with Concordia.

The developers are preparing the thrilling fighting in space, in planets' atmosphere, in the middle of asteroids, the military service in Aerospace Fleet of Russian Directory, the work on international corporations, the battles with space pirates an many other interesting things. The unique peculiarity of the game project is its outstanding engine, that was made expressly for this game. The engine allows to create the whole planets, to give the possibility to land on any place of planet etc.

All these features will help to recreate the events and adventures, that were described in three novels of Alexander Zorich: "Tomorrow War", "With no Mercy", "Moscow Time". The game is developing almost "in the presence" of Alexander Zorich – he is an author of scenario and dialogues.


The World and the Subject of the Game

The 27th Century. There is peace on Earth. Mankind has discovered ways to travel outside of the Solar system and planets thousands of light-years away have been colonized. The United Earth Empire is at a cross-roads as an old enemy decides the galaxy has room for only one Empire.

The world of "Tomorrow War" is huge and thoroughly worked over. The galactic superstates are armed with different starships and aerospace crafts (fluggers). Heavy aircarriers are able to send to operational flight decades of fighters, assault planes and torpedo bombers. Covered with an armor battleships smash the enemy with powerful volleys of the main battery. The landing fluggers deliver in any point of hostile territory the elusive commandos and armored units. The sky-labs whirl above the desolate planets of Tremezian Belt, they belong to international concerns and to the airspace defense. From bad to worse: in the places there the most desperate fortune hunter are afraid to go wander the space nomads, Jips...

In wardroom of aircraft-carriers you usually meet your faithful companions but sometimes even mysterious strangers. On orbiting station of „Diterhazi and Rodriguez" Corporation you can speak not only with the pilots but also with the creator of secret fighter „Durandalle". When you will find yourself in pirates' nest, you met not only complete scoundrels but also your future colleagues. And when gloomy men from Global Security Agency (GSA) will lead to you two meters high cancer, don't be afraid, it is just a representative of chorug race that has mad commercial offer!

Starting the game with routine training flight from a board of light air-carrier, that is situated on Saturn orbit, young cadet Andrew Rumyancev can not even guess, what scrapes are waiting for him in the future...



Powerful game engine capable of modeling whole planetary systems. The engine allows continuous flights from space into the atmosphere of a planet and landing on any part of the planet
Adjustable settings – from a hardcore space sim to a near arcade game
Dozens of NPCs and locations
Different types of spacecrafts – from fighters to ferry ships



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Rambler's Top100
AST Publishing declared, that the novel "Moscow Time" will appear in bookshops in the end February. But even now you can learn much that is new about future Russia and get to know many facts, that were not described in first and second books of Zorich's trilogy. The republication of Zorich's "Vault of Equilibrium" goes at full speed. The first book of cycle, "Love and Rule", appeared on Christmas. The second book "You Win" will be published in February. "The Combat Vehicle of Love" and "The Light Time of Night" are on a waiting list! The computer game "Tomorrow War" that made after the novel of Alexander Zorich is very close to release. The experts say that this project will be one of the most prominent space simulator in all history of that genre.